Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:18:59 -0700

> I guess I jumped the gun a bit - with Bandai nowadays, they almost
>always own the toy's right...

What do you know, they probably learned a few lessons from the Macross
experience. It got to a point where Gainax had to turn Bandai's fundings
down in order to maintain creative control.

>> I thought you were talking about the original TV series.
> I thought I was talking about all the different Macross series. Yes, I
>still remember the old ATV's version of Macross...

If it was written in response to what I wrote:

>> IIRC Macross was shown on TV in most Asian countries before it became
>> part of Robotech. Not to mention copyright in HK is basicaly an

Then obviously it's just the original series we're talking about, since I
don't think any other Macross seuqles were integrated into Robotech.

>> In Cantonese? *shivers* I remember seeing SD Gundam in Cantonese...
>> it must be what a bad acid trip would feel like.
> Actually, the main characters doesn't sound too bad...

You've got a higher tolerance level... LOL!


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