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<< Why wait for the translations? And you don't have to get the regional
 for the dreamcast either. A friend who owns the Japanese dreamcast tried
 US dreamshark in his and he can now play US games. I'm ordering Giren's
 Greed for mine next month. >>

  Playing DC import's is no problem, but I like to be able to understand the
text in a game. Something like SRW or Giren's Greed are pretty text heavy.
Yeah, some say knowing Kanji helps, but I want to understand what's going on
story wise, not stumble around.

  One would need a translated script or know Japanese well, to fully
understand the game. Except for action games, SRPG's like SRW are text heavy.
Even alot of simple commands are in Japanese in these games. I bought an
import once and I did not enjoy playing it and not understanding the story. I
plan to goto a Japanese class eventually.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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