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Richie Ramos wrote:

> At 01:16 AM 10/18/00 EDT, you wrote:
> >I am so fed up with all the crap that goes on here lately, it seems one
> >cannot have a civil, reasonable discussion here at all, without some
> immature
> >garbage going on. It's fine to have opinion's and discussion's, but some go
> >to far. Espcailly that load of crap someone posted about Z.
> All I can say is, some people seem to be really trolling for flames, and
> frankly, it's a crying shame, because I can see what's supposed to be an
> intelligent person underneath all that. Except Garrick, he's just ornery!
> LOL! hey Garrick! that's for the 4wd!

You guys have to realize something. Just because someone trolls for flames
doesn't mean you're compelled to oblige. Would you be forced into a screaming
match if you all were in the same room at a party? Or would you just give one
of those "ya, just go away, jackass" looks and keep talking with your friends
about something else? Seriously, I see too often here and on other lists
people going nuts for each other's throats and forgetting the reason the
conversation started in the first place. If you are going to respond, the best
way to kill a flame war is to simply answer each question, with civil words,
that is put forth. Methodically correct any bullshit thrown in and just don't
rise to the bait. Works every time. Takes some effort sometimes but who cares
if the person calls you names or types in all capitals? That doesn't make his
errors any less glaring. Too many people fall for the "But he called me an
idiot, I *have* to tell him to fuck off now!" attack which usually means that
the person ran out of reasonable points in the discussion already so *then* is
the best time to drive your position home. It will only frustrate him worse
that he's wasting time being belligerent while you're ignoring him and cutting
down his argument at the same time.


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