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> >Why does Rolan/Loran seem to lose all loyalty to the Moon
> >race once he lands?
>He was an advance scout/spy sent to earth to study the environment prior
>to the official commencement of the Moonrace's "homecoming". After spending
>2 years and being treated as an earthnoid, he firmed believed that the
>Moonrace and earthnoids can co-exist peacefully. He still holds a lot of
>respect for queen Diana, but the series didn't show much of the two years
>between his arrival on earth and the Moonrace invasion, so you're right in
>that his "side-switching" was kind of unconvincing.

Loran doesn't switch sides so much as want to protect his friends and
stop the fighting. The moon race is not a patriotic driven faction,
ala Zeon. The lives of the Moon race citizens are are very similar to
the people living on earth. That's why Loran and his fellow spies
have no trouble adjusting to life on earth. The conflict arises
because certain "elites" keep going on power-trips, refusing to make
concessions, forcing confrontations when most people would just like
to live a normal life.

> >I haven't seen any of the "Dianna Counter switched
> >identity" episodes, but from reading the summaries it just seemed like a
> >plot device that they dragged out way to long. Can anyone whose seen these
> >episodes comment on this?
>I haven't seen that one yet, but I think the idea is to put two characters
>on the other side so they get to see what the "enemy"'s aspirations and fears
>are from a very different perspective.

It's more important to the story than just that. After all Diana and
Kiel, along with Loran are the main characters of the show. Kiel may
seem the demure girl but she is ambitious. And Diana is tired of
being only a symbol.

> >I understand that Tomino wanted to show how clean back-to nature living
> >preveails over a life of high technology - but there could have been a more
> >believable way of presenting that this. Maybe by having some future earth
> >people unearth a lot of old technology who get corrupted and use it for evil
> >ends. The whole Moon race seems awfuly contrived.

Maybe it's not that High tech corrupts, but that it should be used as
a part of a simpler life?

> >
> >Phil
> >(Yes, I'm attempting to start an interesting, non-model releated thread)

we need more of these.


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