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>Hey, I'm a fellow modeler. I'm looking for a good wash technique to go over
>Gunze Sangyo acrylic paints. I've been thinking about using the black or
>grey inks that Citadale paints offer, but I'm wondering if you've had a
>better experience with other mediums?

hmm..I'm not sre, but some people have used india ink, I think. I only
heard that from a friend during a beer session, so I don't know if it's
possible with certain paints, or if at all. The Citadel stuff is quite
good. A friend of mine uses that for it, and it turns out well. In
general, actually, Citadel Paints are pretty okay. I use their gold for my
yellow gundam parts, and have been rewarded with a more somber and serious
looking gundam every time. I don't much like colors that scream "Shoot
me", and the gold of Citadel is pretty mellow without losing luster.

>My first experience was with a gundam marker, but I soon learned that you
>just can't do a professional job with those. heh, they are now relegated to
>scribing the panel lines on Gundam action figures I buy at my local Walmart.

I actually thought that was their original use. It never occurred to me to
use them to paint, only to line, specially the thin ones.

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