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>like....the hidden coolness of g gundam. i would
>honestly like to see more talk on g gundam's story and
>plot, but i find that a lot of viewers are too shallow
>to look past the goofy mech designs and into the
>story. most people, from what i gather here and there
>on gundam communities online, don't even get past the
>first handful of episodes. it's a pity, because g
>gundam is a series that rewards patient viewing.

I actually liked the goofy mech designs, because it was a perfect contrast
and backdrop to the actual story...yes, it sometimes turned out to be like
a chinese action movie (in the negative sense), but damned if it didn't
have some of the wackier ideas in the whole gundam altiverses. Why not
have a nanotech gundam? Why not have a gundam that seems to run on pure
emotion for its ultimate ability? It's a good series, in retrospect, if
only because it introduced so many unusual ideas (and MS's) into the gundam

>> >at any rate, i think macross 2 music blends in
>> quite
>> >well with macross 7 music. macross plus music was
>> >just another monstrosity entirely, and i don't care
>> if
>> >it's yoko kano composition.
>> huh? What does music have to do with this whole
>> shibang?
>music, my boy, has everything to do with the macross
>universe, in case you missed the thrust of the entire
>-garr the grouch

I'd have to agree with Garrick on this one. Macross Plus is pretty blunt
about it too, in that respect. But I love the opening sequence. Simply
beautiful. It's almost like the Gregorian stuff in Escaflowne, or when
they use the choir.

As for Gundam music...I liked Rhythm Emotion quite a lot, but I haven't
actually had any of the other stuff stick to my mind. Except that 0083
opening theme, and the one they used for the start of the series, when the
team Kou and Keith are in are getting creamed. It sounds okay at the
beginning, but when you here it a lot of times...ugh. But then, maybe it's
because I am not familiar with the style of music. It just leaves me cold.

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