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>I dunno about them Wing boys being "bishonen who are a brush stroke away from
>perfect" - I think they're all flawed characters, which makes up part of
>appeal, except they are more like cardboard cut-outs than the more 3-
>dimensional characters you tend to find in Tomino's heroes.

actually, the problem with the Wing Boys is that they fleshing out of the
characters came out in the novels and side stories, not in the series
itself -- as a writer, I find this to be poor planning, since one should
give a solid characterization from the get-go, and I don't mean simplistic
stuff. I have to admit, that was where GW/EW faltered. People like Char
are so magnetic and enduring precisely because they are complex .

>Did anyone notice that Tomino's male leads are always lacking the typical
>"spiky hair" which plagues 99.99% of Japanese male lead characters?

You're right on that one, tehy seem to be closer to Ghibli characters than
Macross spiky haired characters.

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