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>Man, sounds like everyone got off the bed on the wrong end on the same day.

more like the past few days, from the looks of it, LOL! I swear, it was
getting so tense, I actually laughed out loud when I realized we were
arguing about what is essentially a continuity situation for a cartoon. We
sometimes do take ourselves a little too seriously.

Everyone, let's all just take a deep breath and remember that it's a
free-for-all mailing list, so let's all just be easygoing and have fun.
There's a term from here in the Philippines, called "Asar-Talo", which
translates to "angry-loser". In other words, he who gets angry, loses. so
just go with the flow, say what you want to say, and say it in such a way
that you can give it teh edge without pricking someone else.

>> I am a more of a modeller, and I joined up for the model reviews and
>>techniques. Lately, it's been disappointing (especially since Probe
>Hmm, I think Richie's reviews are pretty informative.

thanks! but now I post on newtype asylum, thanks to core and nightingale,
so guys, go over there. My next one will be onthe Bawoo. Still havent had
time do it, since I am now in the habit of doing "Versus" writeups. I will
also be doing a lookback to all the old kits I have...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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