Paul Fields (
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 11:52:35 -0400

Hey guys I was wondering, in Episode 1 or 2 maybe of the original
series, and movie 1 of the compilations, Char has his Musai launch
some Zakus out to him as he is leaving the colony. The Zaku's come
out of the launch bay straight like missiles, and we can see the mech
catapults used to launch them in MS Era, and 0083, but how do the
Zakus know when to stop?

Char and his men board their Zakus off-screen so we don't know if
the Zaku brakes just before it gets to the colony, like its computer is
programmed to do or something. Or did Char and his men re-enact
Hero catching the Wing Zero from Endless Waltz, and try to hold on
to their Zakus with grapplers and magnetic boots.

Also re-enacting a scene from Gunbuster at the same time, but its a
pretty standard high-speed boarding, like a train robbery, or mission
impossible chunnel stunt.

Also we only see it in this one instance, no one ever tries it again, so
did somebody mention how implauseable it was to Tomino, and they
never did it again, or what?


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