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> You also forgot to add that the reason for SRW's popularity is
> because
> people love the anime. People here has barely even heard of the
> robots and
> characters in the game, let alone watch it...

The first SRW serie game I played was 4th SRW and the only thing that
made me try this game was to see which characters were include (I later
found out that Daimos, Mazinger Z). Since SRW most useful units were
from the Gundam series( very agile and balanced weapons), it forced me
to do some research on their backgrounds (Amuro and Co.) . Now I'm
playing SRWAlpha many Mecha series have come and go but now I enjoy
playing this game especially when the senario involves episodes from
Zeta, ZZ, and Wing.

I can't wait for a sequel.

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