Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:03:59 EDT

You are right, my last message wasn't aimed to insult anyone on the list,
but to suggest everyone in this list to actively participate in Gundam

I think every piece of emails in this list, (not counting empty posts)
represents at least some form of personal devotion or attachment to the
Gundam series. And we should treasure that! By listening to our opposing
views, we can examine our own ideology and make a decision of whether to we
should change our minds or stay true to our beliefs. Is that what discussion
is all about?

Maybe my language was too strong and offended some people. I hereby give you
my most sincere apology. I urged everyone on this list to carefully think
over that what you try to say before you post it. Please don't repeat by
posting "me too" emails. Make sure that you put in something new to the

At last, let's work together to make GML something a Gundam fan would be
proud of!

>I don't think Zhao Pan's original message was meant to be insulting. After
>all, I did wonder how much time it took for -Z- to type up all that
>statistical information (doubt I took more time just hitting <delete>
>or opening them for cursory scans). Considering he also uses a bozo
>he couldn't have gotten more than what I got from the GML.
>One of the bad habits we all share here is that people tend to leave the
>subject line alone even when it's time to update it, just to keep the
>consistent. So Zhao Pan was right when he implied that we might learn
>something by reading what others have to say, even if for every gem post
>that you have to endure dozens of crap posts.
> > I had many interesting (to me) discussions with him regarding
> >physics, and find him to be a careful thinker and poster. He would not
> >posted such a post without a good reason.
>I don't think he was knocking on -Z-'s credibility, besides, everyone's
>somewhat cranky lately. I mean $h!t, Gus was the last person on earth I'd
>expect to lash out at people like that.
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