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> lol yeah right!! I thought those stupid lenses on the front of the GW
> chest
> and shoulders are the most stupid aspect of the MS. I don't think
> they're
> just far fetched from being futuristically possible, I think they are
> so
> realistically impossible and impractical that the designs scream
> "sloppiness". I mean don't tell me those lenses/glass on the chest
> and
> shoulder pads are made of gundarium because gee, those should have
> imploded/exploded from all that gunfire/shrapnel a long long time
> ago.It's sci fi yes...but most sci fi they try to explain at least

Yep thos bright green lenses are pretty useless IMO since I don't think
its necessary for navigation or scanning. The only thing i found a use
for it is in the GWing 0 toy (probably 1/60) which lights up via AA
At least in GGundam serie God's lenses is covered by armor when not in
use, but thats another G universe.


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