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> You're not alone, I feel the same way based on what I've seen. You do
> have to keep in mind that most of Tomino's Gundam TV series start really
> slow though, V Gundam was a prime example. They had to restructure the
> chronology of events so they could show a Gundam in the first episode
> (although IMHO it really screws up the flow). Zeta was also kind of
> dragging until after the Jaburo invasion.

It seems like that the first 8-10 episodes are always there just to
introduce all the
main characters - you're right in that the real plot always seems to build
Is Turn A the same way - the summaries make it seem as if it is this slow
the whole show.

> It wasn't really an invasion though, they just wanted to come back to
> due to overpopulation problems - a lot of the Moonrace were put in
> animation to address the problem for the short run, and they seemed
> to just have a continent that they could call their own. It was the
> different factions, each with their own agendas and working against each
> other, that was causing all the chaos and conflicts.

So Diana wanted to negotiate for some land instead of conquer? This seems to
more sense. Thanks.

> I haven't seen that one yet, but I think the idea is to put two characters
> on the other side so they get to see what the "enemy"'s aspirations and
> are from a very different perspective.

This makes sense - but seems a little farfetched to carry on as long as it
did in
Turn A.

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