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> Nope. Bandai got in the action late in the game, as the model rights
> went to IMAI and ARII, while toys rights went to Takatoku. It wasn't
> until Bandai purchased Takatoku did they begin to take a more vested
> interest in the propery and started developing the DYRL movie and the
> sequels/spinoffs. Bandai probably overpaid to acquire Takatoku and had
> to convert their acquisition to cash quick, thus the Bandai release of
> the Takatoku toys were inferior and of lower quality. Just compare
> the SDF-1 toy for example, the original Takatoku version had spring-
> loaded Valkyrie firing mechanisms on both hands while the Banda version
> had none. They also recolored the Valkyries and created variants for the
> movie version so they could sell toys that didn't exist as a Takatoku
> product.

    I guess I jumped the gun a bit - with Bandai nowadays, they almost
always own the toy's right...

> I thought you were talking about the original TV series.

    I thought I was talking about all the different Macross series. Yes, I
still remember the old ATV's version of Macross...

> In Cantonese? *shivers* I remember seeing SD Gundam in Cantonese...
> it must be what a bad acid trip would feel like.

    Actually, the main characters doesn't sound too bad...

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