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>> They might have acquired the rights from Big West (the DYRL movie was
>> basically what gave them enough leverage), but I am pretty sure whatever
>> rights Bandai has is limited to Japan and the Asia region.
> You forgot something - in Japan, the "toys" rights are usually "granted"
>when the show first aired, and I believe Bandai get those rights when the
>show was created. Probably more like Bandai got part of the right while Big
>West got the rest of the rights...

Nope. Bandai got in the action late in the game, as the model rights
went to IMAI and ARII, while toys rights went to Takatoku. It wasn't
until Bandai purchased Takatoku did they begin to take a more vested
interest in the propery and started developing the DYRL movie and the
sequels/spinoffs. Bandai probably overpaid to acquire Takatoku and had
to convert their acquisition to cash quick, thus the Bandai release of
the Takatoku toys were inferior and of lower quality. Just compare
the SDF-1 toy for example, the original Takatoku version had spring-
loaded Valkyrie firing mechanisms on both hands while the Banda version
had none. They also recolored the Valkyries and created variants for the
movie version so they could sell toys that didn't exist as a Takatoku

>> IIRC Macross was shown on TV in most Asian countries before it became
>> part of Robotech. Not to mention copyright in HK is basicaly an
> Not Macross 7 - it was just shown a couple of years ago.

I thought you were talking about the original TV series.

>If you want to
>show something on TV - you need to buy those rights. For VCD, you are
>right - most subbed VCDs are pirated stuff. However, almost all dubbed stuff
>are officially licensed. Believe me - I almost brought the M7 VCD set, if
>not for the fact it's dubbed (I hate dub stuff)..

In Cantonese? *shivers* I remember seeing SD Gundam in Cantonese...
it must be what a bad acid trip would feel like.


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