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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 05:37:43 -0700

>Why wait for the translations?

Because some people don't understand any Japanese?

>And you don't have to get the regional chip
>for the dreamcast either. A friend who owns the Japanese dreamcast tried the
>US dreamshark in his and he can now play US games. I'm ordering Giren's
>Greed for mine next month.

One reason against buying imported Dreamcast games would be the inability
to resell your unwanted games in a venue like eBay. Sega of America has
sic their lawyers on these auction sites with 17 USC section 602, which
in pertinent part, that

"Importation into the United States, without the authority of the owner of
 copyright under this title, of copies or phonorecords of a work that have
 been acquired outside the United States is an infringement of the
 exclusive right to distribute copies or phonorecords under section 106,
 actionable under section 501."

Basically forcing them to ban all auctions for imported Dreamcast games,
limiting your ability to get some of your money back after you are done
and want to get rid of your imported Dreamcast game.

FYI Sony and Nintendo are NOT invoking the law in such a ridiculous

Now the really interesting part is that online import game specialists
are still carrying imported Dreamcast titles... and you have to wonder
just exactly how much they have to pay off Sega of America to get its
silent blessing, and then turn around and pass that cost onto us US
consumers who buy games SoA will never port over.


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