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> They might have acquired the rights from Big West (the DYRL movie was
> basically what gave them enough leverage), but I am pretty sure whatever
> rights Bandai has is limited to Japan and the Asia region.

    You forgot something - in Japan, the "toys" rights are usually "granted"
when the show first aired, and I believe Bandai get those rights when the
show was created. Probably more like Bandai got part of the right while Big
West got the rest of the rights...

> IIRC Macross was shown on TV in most Asian countries before it became
> part of Robotech. Not to mention copyright in HK is basicaly an

    Not Macross 7 - it was just shown a couple of years ago. If you want to
show something on TV - you need to buy those rights. For VCD, you are
right - most subbed VCDs are pirated stuff. However, almost all dubbed stuff
are officially licensed. Believe me - I almost brought the M7 VCD set, if
not for the fact it's dubbed (I hate dub stuff)..

> Ugh, I hate Viz. Putting them in the same league with HG is rather
> appropriate. I can attest to the fact that they steal money from kids,
> as they never refunded my unfulfilled subscription to their ill-fated
> Game On! USA magazine even after I called their SF headquarters and was
> on hold for a friggin' hour several years ago.

    Which is why I take any rumor involving Macross with a grain of salt -
the company holding the copyright is not a "honest" company at all...

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