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> Actually, I would have said the same thing, but for different reasons -
> these kinds of games are like RPGs, which are considered by US game
> companies as passe/limited market potential losers. Without Square,
> this category of games would have been extinct by now. Even import
> specialty stores are beginning to shy away from these games.

    You also forgot to add that the reason for SRW's popularity is because
people love the anime. People here has barely even heard of the robots and
characters in the game, let alone watch it...

> You mean the VFX2 Digital Mission sequel? I was pissed when I saw the ad
> Bandai ran in US magazines, but now am glad that I bought the Japanese
> original in the first place.

    I believe it's no the "official" report, but everybody knows that it's
HG that mess up the whole thing. I believe they heard about it after Bandai
ran the ads, and see people interested, so they want a piece of the pie. You
don't Bandai would be "generous" enough to pay somebody when they own the
rights (I believe Bandai own the toys' right for Macross, which includes
video games, I believe).

> Hmm, I thought they owned it for all area outside of Japan. That was
> one reason why Macross wasn't exploited as much as Gundam, because all
> involved knew that HG would be reaping the rewards from their hard work
> only because they were stupid enough to sign away so much of their rights
> back then.

    It's also the reason why you never see Macross 7 here - they were asking
a lot for US companies to release here, yet they have no plans to release
Macross 7 themselves. And besides, if Macross does belong to HG outside of
Japan, why do you think it was release in places like Hong Kong too? I don't
see their name being mentioned in the copyright section...

> Actually I think it's more like any graphical elements that resembles what
> was seem in Robotech, including the UNT Spacy symbol (which was the ONE
> thing preventing the Toycom Macross Plus toys from coming out... they
> just put it out without the stupid logo and let some enterprising third
> party sell aftermarket decals at their own risk). After all, HG's show
> called Robotech, not Macross, and I don't think they really hold any
> rights even though it's kind of a grey area there.

    No, from what I read, when they brought the rights, the Japanese
copyright holder (probably Bandai/Emotion) let HG talk them into selling
basically the "naming right" - anything with the name "Macross - Dimensional
Fortress" would belong to HG, at least in the US. So any show based on the
original Macross, or toys bearing that name or from that series, they need
to get HG's permission. And with their attitude, most people stay clear of
HG, even if they know the product will sell. I am sure they are banging
themselves on the head now because they CANNOT release anything Macross
related to the US without paying them, and with the way HG is charging
people, unless you are willing to pay an arm and leg for it, you just won't
get the right. It's companies like HG, along with Viz (who is basically
stealing money from kids with Pokemon and killing Maison Ikkou with it
release schedule, yet refuse to let other companies take it without costing
a fortune) that really disappoint me in terms of business in the US...

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