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> There have been rumors that more Bandai games will be transated in English
for the Dreamcast. Already, I've heard of sightings of Gundam:Side Story (I
think this is the Blue Destiny Game put in the DC) in English. I've also
heard that Super Robo Wars might get translated for the DC.
> Is there any truth to this?

    The chance of Super Robot War appear in English is so low that I
probably would be the President before it happens ^_^
1) The copyright issue is a mess. Do you know how many different companies
hold the different rights in the US? Harmony Gold is the best example - it's
so greedy it won't let anybody using the Macross series without paying tons
of money for it, so do you think any gaming companies are willing to do it?
I heard the Macross game was supposed to be release for PS in the US, but
Harmony Gold basically stop the whole thing with a demand for money. Since
they "legally" hold the Macross right in the US, NOTHING with the name of
Macross can be released in the US without giving them anything. If you want
anything Macross in Japan - better bugs Harmony Gold about it first...

2) Super Robot Wars Alpha, the only "announced" SRW title for DC, isn't even
out yet in Japan. Hell, I don't even see any new pics or any information on

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