Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 03:35:41 -0700

> Yes, we do have bishonen and yaoi influences, but think
>>>about it: Amuro and Char qualify as bishonen in their time.
>>They were idols more like it. They had complex personalities, motives,
>>enigmas, and many things which built them so they were believable. People
>>like Char and Amuro because of their personalities and what they believed
>>in. Not because they looked cute, handsome, or cool.
>Char and Amuro are not Bishonen! These are depictions of people (of course
>not normal people) but of people with fickle emotions who react to
>stimulus with a certain degree of unpredictability. These guys (IMHO) are
>human, not like bishonen who are a brush stroke away from perfect.

I dunno about them Wing boys being "bishonen who are a brush stroke away from
perfect" - I think they're all flawed characters, which makes up part of their
appeal, except they are more like cardboard cut-outs than the more 3-
dimensional characters you tend to find in Tomino's heroes.

Did anyone notice that Tomino's male leads are always lacking the typical
"spiky hair" which plagues 99.99% of Japanese male lead characters?


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