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Another couple of cents from me:

        We need to take off the rose-colored glasses when we look at the past.
There have ALWAYS been crappy shows, and there have ALWAYS been gratuitous
attempts to make big bucks off those shows. No matter how nostalgic we may
be about 70s Super Robots, the fact remains that toy companies were giving
creators their marching orders. In the 80s it was just the same, with
modelmakers instead of toymakers.

        Conversely, not everything modern is crap, and marketing does not, in and
of itself, make something crap. People complaining about modern mecha
shows conveniently ignore things like Eva, Escaflowne, Nadesico, Brain
Powerd (haven't seen all of this but it's very interesting so far).
Transformers was originally written off as nothing more than an attempt to
flog toys to kids, yet is now regarded as a classic show.

        Post WW2, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies as crap.

        In the 60s, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies since sound was
introduced as crap.

        In the 70s, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies since Hollywood's
golden age as crap.

        Nowadays, elitists are writing off all mainstream movies since Star Wars
as crap.
        And if you wanna talk cheesiness and cool-but-empty eye candy in Gundam,
havent you neglected to mention a couple of pre-Wing series? "Gundam ZZ"
and "Gundam 0083".
Andrew Dynon

Things We Learn From Anime: A PO'd Tennyo on a murderous
search for vengeance is more attractive than an irritable
Japanese high school girl.
(Ayashi no Ceres episode 4)

"We Suzaku Seishi aren't smart enough to give up!"
- Tasuki, Fushigi Yuugi

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