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>>It's just a different style of show. A typical action movie has the hero
>wading through a horde of goons without breaking a sweat, and that doesn't
>inherently make it a bad movie (if done well enough, it can be a very good
>thing), so why doesn't the same apply to mecha shows?
>>Realistic? Probably not. Entertaining? Quite possibly.
>yeah, think of the UC gundams as the "realistic heroes", like Charles
>Bronson, Bruce Willis and similar action stars, while Wing is like Arnold,
>Clint Eastwood and Stallone.

Heero is Chow Yun Fat.
Andrew Dynon

Things We Learn From Anime: A PO'd Tennyo on a murderous
search for vengeance is more attractive than an irritable
Japanese high school girl.
(Ayashi no Ceres episode 4)

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