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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 02:14:18 -0700

>Mike Toole over @ animejump.com posted on USENET about this article
>regarding this coming holiday likely hot toy sellers, and one of them is our
>own dear and beloved Gundam.
>And the LA Time version on the same report.
>So what do you think?

"Gundam from Bandai" sounds as vague as it could be - it's an old journalistic
trick; by keeping it vague they can get away with it if a particular line of
Gundam product from Bandai was a failure but another line was, relatively
speaking, a success. It didn't identify or make any distinctions between
the model kits and the action figures, or the coming videogame for that
matter, not to mention the deluxe 1/60 Wing Gundam toy. The model kits are
basically oversaturated in the market now, same thing with the series 1
action figures. Series 2 action figures are only hot now, but will probably
die before Xmas if there is enough supply. 1/144 EW kits aren't flying off
TRU shelves either. Bandai better pray the 1/60 DX Wing toy will be their
hit this Xmas.

I wonder how much of it was product placements instead of authentic retailer
predictions though, take those cyber dogs for example. They aren't exactly
flying off the shelves and Hasbro's Poo-Chi has even dropped in price for $10
since it came out a few months ago. The lame toy was no Furby and everyone
knows it, too.

I am surprised the Charlies Angels movie tie-in dolls aren't among the list,
those have some real potential, if the movie turns out to be a blockbuster.
The facial sculpting were pretty accurate, in a caricature sort of way.


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