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>high-quality anime are popping up. Ever seen Serial
>Experiments Lain? how about Perfect Blue? Hana Yori Dango?
>okay, something common and old... Doraemon?! don't turn to
>the "mainstream" tuff that Pioneer and Co. release. Go for
>the stuff they never bother to release in public TV.

-I LOVE DORAEMON! And I have seen Perfect Blue (it was good but could've been better in real life) I haven't seen the others (Lain and Hana Yori). It just seems so bleak these days that you can count them on our fingers! The ones you mentioned might be good but are they in the ranks of say Patlabor or PSME?

>Gundam Wing is like Gundam double cheese with butter on
>top. It okay, a single cheese entry in an array of
>well-done servings ain't bad.

I don wnat ot bash GW anymore, but it jsut sucks that the mainstream doesn't give the UC stor any credit for the Gundam Universe's existence.__________________________________________________
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