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>Tomino of course will say that it is art which is more important. but
>sunrise and bandai, gundam would have just been a handful of nice concept

I'd rather get it as a novel/manga rather than have it depurified by
commercialized executive bandits.

> We have to face facts people. When it comes to anime, marketing is usually
>in cahoots with how the show is presented. They may be idiotic, but they do
>have the cash. There are exceptions to the rule, true, but bandai isn't one
>of them.

There are ways to avoid using execs to produce a product. Many PC game
companies are pure facts and examples of these processes.

>simple: It has a great story. Also, it has a nice integrated feel to it in
>general (am talking about the different UC series as a whole). Granted,
>are continuity gaffes like the Stardust Memories GP project, but on the
>the story is well written.

Well frankly speaking, that isn't the reason why most UC-ers like UC Gundam.

>As for GW/EW, it's true, it does have a rehashed storyline, and it is
> But what I like about it is that it comes out with a great compromise, all
>things considered. For me, what makes gundam wing stand out on its own is
>it made a reversal of the whole gundam philosophy, using the Superrobot
>essentially, non-"real" components, and then giving it a reality check. As
>in blowing them up. Yes, we do have bishonen and yaoi influences, but think
>about it: Amuro and Char qualify as bishonen in their time.

They were idols more like it. They had complex personalities, motives,
enigmas, and many things which built them so they were believable. People
like Char and Amuro because of their personalities and what they believed
in. Not because they looked cute, handsome, or cool.


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