Wed, 18 Oct 2000 01:16:15 EDT

I am so fed up with all the crap that goes on here lately, it seems one
cannot have a civil, reasonable discussion here at all, without some immature
garbage going on. It's fine to have opinion's and discussion's, but some go
to far. Espcailly that load of crap someone posted about Z.

  Z has been here a very long time and deserves some respect. He's been here
LONG before I have and I have come to appercite and respect Z's postings. His
postings are like Gold to me. It will be a real shame and a loss to the GML,
if Z ever leaves. I HIGHLY value Z's words, when he talks. He is a very
intelligent and knowledgable person, please respect his words. He also always
behaves himself. Z is an honest person as well. He deserves ALOT of respect,
espcially since he behaves himself. He has NEVER done anything to harm
anyone. When he has something to say, it's best to listen to him with your
Full attention. It angers me greatly for someone to say things aganist Z.
He's only doing what he does out of a geniune concern for the list. I refuse
to read the Full post, as it started out pretty harsh and seemed to get worse
down the line. It made me sick to hear such horrible stuff aimed at Z, Ugh.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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