KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@rtsfan.com)
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 22:10:03 -0700

> I have to agree again. Even if Tomino isn't as idealistic today, if we
coul dprobably meet him in the 70's, he'd probably take ideal over money.
Gundam is an example of that. It dared to be different from the other shows
of its time, and many thought it sucked. But in the end, they understood
and loved it. That is the true Gundam, an innovator instead of a follower
of trends.
>In today's situtation however, cash is power. Who knows, maybe Tomino will
pull something new out of his hat (or maybe not).

Well he kinda did with Turn A...I have yet to see it. Looks great, but
damn fix the MS'.

>At least there's Dragonball Z (honest, non-bishonen no-brainer! this stuff
is great)

DBZ...ah a classic. Up until the Buu saga started...all those psychotic
"one shot blow up the planet deals" I just couldn't take. Especially when
they started to break in the Super Saiyan (yes that's how you spell
it...it's NOT Super Saiyjin or however people spell it) level 3, that's
when I couldn't stand DBZ. Anything before that was good.


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