KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@rtsfan.com)
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 22:01:08 -0700

>true, the designs of GWing, though farfetched from being "futuristically
>possible", is really one of the best designs.

lol yeah right!! I thought those stupid lenses on the front of the GW chest
and shoulders are the most stupid aspect of the MS. I don't think they're
just far fetched from being futuristically possible, I think they are so
realistically impossible and impractical that the designs scream
"sloppiness". I mean don't tell me those lenses/glass on the chest and
shoulder pads are made of gundarium because gee, those should have
imploded/exploded from all that gunfire/shrapnel a long long time ago.

the bottomline here is
>everything (UC and AC) is sci-fi, so I wouldn't judge them on how possible
>they are to happen in the future. if you watch Back to the Future which was
>made in 1985, they shown the future that telephone conversations are done
>with a video screen and important messages travel by fax, which was the hot
>technology way back then. they didn't anticipate things like e-mail and

It's sci fi yes...but most sci fi they try to explain at least half of the
things in the universe...


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