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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:53:26 -0700

> Nope, companies do this all the time. A really successful TV show or anime
>or whatever makes them a lot of money, so they decide to create a spin off
>sequal, for more money and instead it flops and flunders and dies. Because
>the scramble for more money, they forget what made it successful in the

I think we already know this, it's just that we're venting.

> I liked Macross II, though. I liked the Valkyrie's from it a lot,
>the Metal Siren Valkyrie. I'd love to have a Metal Siren toy or model kit.

ugh...first time I saw it...coooool mech. After comparing to other
Valkyries, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! The only good Valk in M2 was the
VF-2S...not the VF-2J which is the earth based Valk...ugh...that Valk has
no payload at all!!! All it has is two wimpy ass missiles which aren't
even internally installed, and a old style gun pod...UGH!!

>And that Red enemy mecha, now THAT's what a new Zentradi mecha should look
>like. I like the characters as well. Now, Macross Plus, that was a true
>sequal, though. I do agree that Macross II doesn't seem like a true Macross
>sequal. I liked it by itself, though.

Macross 2 I liked at the beginning, but after I rewatched DYRL and then
Macross Plus, I couldn't stand Macross 2. Macross Plus is just the
pinnacle of Macross since DYRL.


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