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I couldn't have put it better.

> What sickens me the most is that these guys put a lot of money into this
without thinking about it. I mean seriously, Macross II? Its like they
found a script lying around and decided "lets make a sequel!" Same goes for
Escaflowne. That was a very good series, and then they write up a lousy
screenplay, mix it up with all these cheesy computer graphics and name it
"ESCAFLOWNE A GIRL IN GAEA". Whats wrong here? Are fans so hell bent on
sequels and feature films that the companies just rush one up and release
it. What happened to love of art dammit!
>On 18 Oct 2000 00:39:56 -000
> Roland Thigpen wrote:
>>On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:23:02 -0700 Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com> wrote:
>>>>In a message dated 10/17/00 12:00:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>>>>hitokiri_darkscythe@yahoo.com writes:
>>>>> Just face it, Bandai says its a gundam, IT
>>>>> IS a gundam.
>>>>People said that about Macross II before it was banned from the
>>>>if I remembered correctly...
>>>It was? How so? Did it conflict with 7 or plus?
>>Macross II, as I recall, was not made by the original creators of Macross
(it was another company's salute and tribute to the original), and was thus
not official. Also, there was a massive outporing of fan dissatisfaction
over its story. Thus, it was decided that it would not be considered
official continuity, and Macross 7 was made as the official cannon sequel.
Also, if you look at the timeline of it, there are problems as they state
that no new VFs have been developed in so long (the period of which would
conflict with the VF-11, VF-17, 19, 22, etc.). So, it is not official
continuity, nor even as close as Do You Remember Love? (with its reference
as the name of the movie version of the original events, and redesign of
vehicles and characters to match DYRL?).
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