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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:47:33 -0700

>uhm...that we have polycapped kits with somewhat average colors and snap-on
>technology, not to mention some pretty innovative stuff like translucent
>parts isn't worth the price of the kit? I remember glue kits, ad that's
>why I do not complain about the new kits. You want to see a real waste,
>take a look at the 1/144 GP02a. otherwise, the kits coming out are pretty
>damn good, all things considered.

I have to agree. Some of the kits nowadays in fact most of them are well
"injected" and have a lot more movement than the older models...and yes the
1/144 GP02 is a major POS!!

>imaigne how the purists of superrobots looked at gundam back then
>(realistic robots! UGH!). I hope we don't become like that. And what
>about mature? i like Ghibli stuff, I like mature stuff, but I don't mind
>something senseless like Falme of Recca or Fatal Fury every now and then...

Mature and senseless stuff is good. However, don't try to a known to be
mature concept and then try to turn it into a senseless concept. It's like
what Square is doing with the FF name; they use the FF name for EVERYTHING
just because of the name...Final Fantasy. It sells. Everything else that
Square has done with different names have been half baked and hasn't sold
well. It's the FF name that's saving their stupid asses, and I see
Bandai/Sunrise doing the exact same thing with the name of Gundam. When
you create something and name it, the name represents the essence or the
reason why the creators created the "something". However, when you change
the essence or purpose of that something, but keep the same name, the name
loses it's meaning and/or the innards of that something are empty and is
simply an empty shell. Bandai/Sunrise can make as many senseless Animes as
they want, but just don't call it Gundam. I think that if they didn't call
Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing, the whole outlook of the Anime would be much much
more different.

>Honestly now...anime is meant to entertain...you don't like certain stuff,
>keep your peace. Taste is highly personal, and so are levels of how one
>watches it.

Anime is meant to entertain yes, but it also is art. And art is to be
interpreted, and when you look at Gundam 0079 and Gundam Wing for example,
then compare them. Trying to figure out WHY they did Gundam Wing after 20
years of UC-based Gundam makes you wonder what are those guys thinking when
they created/allowed such a monstronsity to arise from the ashes of their
so called "dying" Gundam saga.


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