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> Mainstream? These days anime is mainstream, not like in
> the old days. I guess thats why so much cheese is
> surfacing in the world of anime, because its mainstream!
> Cheese is everywhere, in music, in politics and even in
> Gundam! Whatever happened to the time when anime was with
> substance and satanic heavy metal bands roamed the
> planet?

uhm, it passed ten years ago. You know, along with the

Hey, I'm also a fan of GnR (i even have the complete "use
your illusion" series), Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeath etc.
I loved David Bowie's glam rock style and I memorized the
lyrics to Stan Bush's "Dare" for Transformers the movie.

I consider "The Last Unicorn" the best semi-anime in the
world (check the credits, the japanese handled the art).
Nausica, Akira and Macross are a genuine anime that should
be watched by any who dare call themselves otaku.

To gain the attention of the next generation of anime
watchers, anime has indeed gone mainstream. To secure a
nice safeground for itself, anime has used what attracts
its main consumer most, flash, effects, music, and yes,

No, I don't want anime to return underground. I don't want
it to sacrifice its quality either. But it has to
compromise somehow.

I miss those days too. But sadly, those days have passed.
But that does not mean that everything we see now is

anime is now settling upon its niche, one by one,
high-quality anime are popping up. Ever seen Serial
Experiments Lain? how about Perfect Blue? Hana Yori Dango?
okay, something common and old... Doraemon?! don't turn to
the "mainstream" tuff that Pioneer and Co. release. Go for
the stuff they never bother to release in public TV.

On a more lighter note. Anime is improving. Be happy for
it. There was a time when few manga made it to animated
formats and there were tons of manga-ka who never made it
big time. The release of anime outside japan made it
possible for all these artists to make it big-time too.

Gundam Wing is like Gundam double cheese with butter on
top. It okay, a single cheese entry in an array of
well-done servings ain't bad.

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