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At 17:54 10/17/2000 EDT, Zhao Pan wrote:
>This is a mailing list, we can say whatever we want. if you bothered to
>count the number and types of emails, you seemed to have a lot of time in
>your hands. Why don't you spend some time and read what other people have to

        I think you should actually read what you typed before you post.

        -Z- happens to be one of the three longest-serving, most
knowledgable and influential persons on this list. The other two being Mark
and Burke. His opinions and posts have always been good and pertaining to
the good of the list. To insult -Z- like this is unacceptable.

        I had many interesting (to me) discussions with him regarding Gundam
physics, and find him to be a careful thinker and poster. He would not have
posted such a post without a good reason.

        The Gundam Wing (not AC Gundam) vs. Gundam UC thread has always been
a hotbed of activity, with pro-Gundam Wing fans hotly debating against
pro-Gundam UC fans. I should know. I had been involved in this kind of
threads before. These types of arguments serves absolutely NO purpose, other
than driving the traffic up and getting everyone on the list irritated.

        This argument is pointless because, as Edward Ju once told me
bluntly, opinion is like an a$$hole; everyone's got one. The perception of
whether Gundam Wing is Gundam or not varies from people to people, and as
such we will never get a straight answer about that.

        I strongly suggest we put this kind of thread ("Does Gundam Wing
counts as a Gundam show?") in the category of "dubbed vs subbed". In other
words, BANNED.

        A word about the list. Once upon a time I read every post, thinking
each is a fountain of knowledge. Now I trash 90+% of the post simply by
looking at the title. A lot of posts here are either irrelevant (one-liners:
"I agree!"), flames or OTs. Granted, I do read the OT posts, so long they
don't get out of hand. But flames and one-liners go straight to the trash.

        I am a more of a modeller, and I joined up for the model reviews and
techniques. Lately, it's been disappointing (especially since Probe
left...), but I stayed on the list because of the occassional interesting
post here. However, the current trend has been large volumes of irrelevent
posts and flames, which I detest.

        The point? Each individual member who post here should consider
whether his or her post is actually contributing anything worthwhile to the
discussion on hand.

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