KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@rtsfan.com)
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:34:47 -0700

>people get too huffy about what is and what isn't
>gundam (or insert favorite rave show) for their own

Hey are you saying that we can't get obsessive about the things we like?
If you are, then you're on the wrong list buddy. More than half of us are
dedicated loyalists/otakus.

>i'm probably as die-hard a macross fan as many here
>are UC gundam fans. i didn't like mac2 all that
>much, but i don't bitch about macross 2 being a

But uh...Macross 2 is a POS.

i think the guitar-piloting in mac7 is all
>screwy, but i don't whine about macross 7 destroying
>the top-gun image of macross like many self-proclaimed
>purist bastards (how i hate people like those) are
>wont to. it's just too...pathetic to do so.

Macross 7 is even a worse POS. C'mon, they warped the "Minmei" attack into
an actual civilian Valkyrie!!! And what's with that Max/Milia 259 fiasco?
Mac7 is definitely the worst of worst adaptations/franchises I've ever
seen. Even worse than GW. It has crappy artwork, a crappy story, crappy
mecha design, crappy character design, crap crap crap crap...geez...the
whole show SCREAMS crap.

>i've had enough of "that's not what gundam (or insert
>favorite rave show) is supposed to be!" to last me an
>eternity of suffering. i doth think people bash
>alternate timeline gundams too much. gee, i wonder

Ok you've had enough of us complaining, and I can tell you that "we've" had
enough of alternate Gundam timelines.
>at any rate, i think macross 2 music blends in quite
>well with macross 7 music. macross plus music was
>just another monstrosity entirely, and i don't care if
>it's yoko kano composition.

huh? What does music have to do with this whole shibang?


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