Paul Fields (
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 00:25:06 -0400

I had the flutter of butterflies in my stomach just before I posted
that... I knew I'd catch hell for the modeling comment, I like to
build gunpla when I have time, I'm still wanting 0080 GMs in MG
and maybe someday a PG GM...

However its almost all the Gundam left on the list these days, can
we have gunpla, and heated debates over the minutae and factoids
that make up the Gundam universes.

People might just have to face the fact, that when you say Gundam
to 90% of the people in the states right now, they think of Wing, if
people can hold onto their enthusiasm til next year, maybe Gundam
will have its awareness raised again, and we'll get a new influx of
Original Series fans, then we'll just be debating MSGundam vs Wing
next year, and maybe the new Wing fans will understand why this
debate is boring and nothing gets solved.

The BEST thing we can do is watch each series with an open mind
and form our own opinions, maybe Gundam is supposed to be Zen
like that... the Gundam which can be explained is not the true Gundam.


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