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>I've got a question for those who've seen Turn A Gundam. I bought the first
>two tapes (originals, not fansubs) and I just can't seem to get into the
>series. I don't undertand any Japanese - and ordinarily I don't have
>problems watching untranslated anime (I say all of Zeta, ZZ and Victory that
>way) but Turn A just doesn't hold my interest. It's not that I don't
>understand what's going on - I'm familiar with the web site with most of the
>Turn A episode summaries.
>Am I the only one who feels this way?

You're not alone, I feel the same way based on what I've seen. You do
have to keep in mind that most of Tomino's Gundam TV series start really
slow though, V Gundam was a prime example. They had to restructure the
chronology of events so they could show a Gundam in the first episode
(although IMHO it really screws up the flow). Zeta was also kind of
dragging until after the Jaburo invasion.

>Part of the problem is that it seems
>to be a very "talky" series with a low action quotent and this is hard to
>watch without understanding. Is the dialog that good that comprehending it
>makes a big difference?

I dunno... based on what I've seen the writing wasn't outstanding or deep
compared to the older UC series.

>I can see why this series wouldn't appeal to those interested in high
>powered Mobile Suit action - but I don't think this is my problem. The
>whole plot seems sort of contrived - the moon people should have studied the
>invasion techniques of the Zansacre - I'd think they would be more

It wasn't really an invasion though, they just wanted to come back to earth
due to overpopulation problems - a lot of the Moonrace were put in suspended
animation to address the problem for the short run, and they seemed content
to just have a continent that they could call their own. It was the
different factions, each with their own agendas and working against each
other, that was causing all the chaos and conflicts.

>Do they ever give a plausible reason for why the invasion is so

While Diana, the Moonrace's queen, was only concerned with bringing her
people back to earth, some of the officers among the Moonrace ranks lack
the patience to settle the matter through negotiations and believe they
should settle this in a speedy manner through their advanced technology.
Throw in some manipulative schemers and off goes Tomino stirring the plot

>Why does Rolan/Loran seem to lose all loyalty to the Moon
>race once he lands?

He was an advance scout/spy sent to earth to study the environment prior
to the official commencement of the Moonrace's "homecoming". After spending
2 years and being treated as an earthnoid, he firmed believed that the
Moonrace and earthnoids can co-exist peacefully. He still holds a lot of
respect for queen Diana, but the series didn't show much of the two years
between his arrival on earth and the Moonrace invasion, so you're right in
that his "side-switching" was kind of unconvincing.

>I haven't seen any of the "Dianna Counter switched
>identity" episodes, but from reading the summaries it just seemed like a
>plot device that they dragged out way to long. Can anyone whose seen these
>episodes comment on this?

I haven't seen that one yet, but I think the idea is to put two characters
on the other side so they get to see what the "enemy"'s aspirations and fears
are from a very different perspective.

>I understand that Tomino wanted to show how clean back-to nature living
>preveails over a life of high technology - but there could have been a more
>believable way of presenting that this. Maybe by having some future earth
>people unearth a lot of old technology who get corrupted and use it for evil
>ends. The whole Moon race seems awfuly contrived.
>(Yes, I'm attempting to start an interesting, non-model releated thread)

I don't know... his UC series always had nice glimpses into the future,
this one doesn't offer much in that department and seems like an attempt
to ride the current trend of retro-style anime.


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