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--- armour of doom <> wrote:
> > > In the right corner: The Wing Boys heero in GW-0,
> > Duo in Deathscythe
> > Hell, Trowa in Heavyarms, Quatre in Sandrock and
> > WuFei in Nataku! In the
> > Left Corner: the Newtype Punks: Camille in Zeta,
> > Judo in ZZ, Seabook in
> > F91, Usso in V2 Buster Assault and Amuro in Nu
> > Gundam! Place Your bets!

Armor of Doom is right. The Wing Boys are not that well
versed when in comes to COOPERATION. You've seen them
against White Fang and Mariemeia's troops. They have better
teamwork when they work WITHOUT thier mechs (see the first
two volumes of EW).
Not to say that the newtypes have this rapport with each
other (Amuro and Kamiyu are quite familiar with each ones
style, I'd say that Kamiyu is also familiar with Judo but
Judo hasn't seen Kamiyu in action yet). But at least they
all have fought in battles where team strategy is
necessary. But one does notice that Aces have this nasty
habit of going off alone, or ending up alone (whichever the
case). ^_^

give them all GM's and the Newtypes would out-play the wing
boys. let them all fight barefisted and Heero's coming out
a champ. ^_^

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