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I've got a question for those who've seen Turn A Gundam. I bought the first
two tapes (originals, not fansubs) and I just can't seem to get into the
series. I don't undertand any Japanese - and ordinarily I don't have
problems watching untranslated anime (I say all of Zeta, ZZ and Victory that
way) but Turn A just doesn't hold my interest. It's not that I don't
understand what's going on - I'm familiar with the web site with most of the
Turn A episode summaries.
Am I the only one who feels this way? Part of the problem is that it seems
to be a very "talky" series with a low action quotent and this is hard to
watch without understanding. Is the dialog that good that comprehending it
makes a big difference?
I can see why this series wouldn't appeal to those interested in high
powered Mobile Suit action - but I don't think this is my problem. The
whole plot seems sort of contrived - the moon people should have studied the
invasion techniques of the Zansacre - I'd think they would be more
effective. Do they ever give a plausible reason for why the invasion is so
half-hearted? Why does Rolan/Loran seem to lose all loyalty to the Moon
race once he lands? I haven't seen any of the "Dianna Counter switched
identity" episodes, but from reading the summaries it just seemed like a
plot device that they dragged out way to long. Can anyone whose seen these
episodes comment on this?
I understand that Tomino wanted to show how clean back-to nature living
preveails over a life of high technology - but there could have been a more
believable way of presenting that this. Maybe by having some future earth
people unearth a lot of old technology who get corrupted and use it for evil
ends. The whole Moon race seems awfuly contrived.

(Yes, I'm attempting to start an interesting, non-model releated thread)

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