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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:17:17 -0700 (PDT)

--- jose luis manalansan 4 <> wrote:
> They're called Shortels. Any info on the background of
> this weapon?
> >
> > What pisses me off is Sand Rock's two falchions,
> swords, whatever you
> > want
> > to call them...BLADE THINGIES!!!! How can they cut
> through metal?!!?
> > Don't tell me it's Gundarium...It's kinda like Tenchi
> Muyo...if it's

Heat shotels mind you. they're supposed to function the
same way as thos heat rods and heat tomahawks and other
heat-melee-thingamabobs. However, due to the fact that its
WING, do we really have to remind everyone that in AC, if
you're a lead character in a gundam, you are INVINCIBLE!
-unless of course, you decide to press the button that says
self destruct. Anyway, point is, in AC Gundams can slice
any damn metal they want to. Besides, I'm more impressed
with Sandrock's cape, it appears to survive re-entry...
(see "endless waltz #3: return to forever" for that one)

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