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<< What sickens me the most is that these guys put a lot of money into this
without thinking about it. I mean seriously, Macross II? Its like they found
a script lying around and decided "lets make a sequel!" Same goes for
Escaflowne. That was a very good series, and then they write up a lousy
screenplay, mix it up with all these cheesy computer graphics and name it
"ESCAFLOWNE A GIRL IN GAEA". Whats wrong here? Are fans so hell bent on
sequels and feature films that the companies just rush one up and release it.
What happened to love of art dammit! >>

  Nope, companies do this all the time. A really successful TV show or anime
or whatever makes them a lot of money, so they decide to create a spin off or
sequal, for more money and instead it flops and flunders and dies. Because in
the scramble for more money, they forget what made it successful in the first

  I liked Macross II, though. I liked the Valkyrie's from it a lot, espcailly
the Metal Siren Valkyrie. I'd love to have a Metal Siren toy or model kit.
And that Red enemy mecha, now THAT's what a new Zentradi mecha should look
like. I like the characters as well. Now, Macross Plus, that was a true
sequal, though. I do agree that Macross II doesn't seem like a true Macross
sequal. I liked it by itself, though.

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