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<< But aren't model kit's part of Gundam. In fact for me, half od enjoying
 Gundam is building and admiring model kits. >>

  Yes, it is. Yep, I totally agree. That's I how got into Gundam, is from
only being able to get Gundam kits.

In response to who you quoted, Yes, there are anime model ML's, but anyone
who says Gundam kits is off topic is out of their mind. The kits ARE of
GUNDAM's after all! Sheesh! Not to mention all the Zaku kits, GMs and various
other non Gundam mecha, that are on topic, as they are Gundam.

This the The Mobile Suit GUNDAM Mailing List. No where does it state that no
Gundam kit discussion is allowed. As a matter a fact, I am sure there are
ton's of Gundam model builders on this list. I'm no expert builder, but I can
do a pretty good job on a kit, if I am in thee mood to break out the paint,
primer, masking type, etc. Doing a good job on a kit takes nothing more then
experince. I am sure they are like me, they are Dang proud of a kit well done
and built, by their own hands. It gives one a sense of accomplishment to have
built something.

  As soon as I get a Digital Camera, I intend to buy a few kits just for
show. I will sand, prime and paint them and do the very best job that I can
possibly do, to put my skills to the ultimate test. The more work that's put
into a kit, the better it will turn out. I do not do this often, but
sometimes I get into a super model builder type of mood and want to do the
best I can do.


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