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>If you want to make a resin model - particually a Gundam "full action"
>kit -
>be prepared for lots of gluing, sanding filing and puttying. You'd better
>have a small hand drill as you will need to drill lots of holes in order
>insert polycaps and metal pins (which do not come with the kit). You will
>also need to paint *everything* - resin kits comes in one color - usually
>off white or yellow.
>Resin models are designed for experienced modellers - not those who just
>snap together their MG kits and claim that they've built a model.

How much skill do you need to build a resin kit? I have a finished MG Zaku
that looks almost (notice I said almost) looks like the 2000 Ora-Zaku contest
winner! Is that good enough, or do I need more skill? I also no how to
scratch build if that would help me at all. I am planning on getting a
Pretty Sammy resin kit.

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