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On the subject of models, I will simply and quickly point out that I
attempted to point the person in the direction of
rec.arts.anime.models, where the modeling discussion of today would
have been more relevant. That said, I still do feel that while not
all Gundam fans are modelers, the vast preponderance of them are.
Models are rather synonymous with Gundam, and I for one, have a hard
time imagining a Gundam mailing list that ignores the modeling aspect
of Gundam.

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> Thank you for proving his point...
> and now for the infamous "Bozo Filter"
> Rule Number 1 If I criticize the number of flames on a list, and
> instead of people making more constructive on-topic posts...
> someone flames me for it, he gets put on the filter...
> And actually just because its a mailing list you can't say what you
> want... This isn't the free speech mailing list, its the Gundam
> mailing list so talk about Gundam... Not:
> Evangelion
> Votoms
> Dougram
> Homennaise
> Escaflowne
> This doesn't begin to mention that everything you say in email is a
> piece of public record, people don't like what you say, and they
> bug your ISP and say you are mail bombing the mailing list with
> off-topic spam, and get your account cancelled, so you can't really
> say what you want, you say what you can get away with.
> This isn't alt.anime "alt.anime ja nai" so please keep things on
> topic for us Gundam fans, there are thousands of mailing lists you
> can subscribe to for every other topic. Heck this isn't even
> alt.giant-robots I don't do other Giant Robot series, like
> Robotech, or Eva, or stuff like that, they aren't Gundam.
> I like my realistic robots trashing Zakus, and that's about it...
> There's 20 years of complex diversity in just this one series, I
> think that's
> plenty to talk about... If I wanted on an Eva, or Model building
> mailing list, I'd have joined one... same way with general anime
> announcements...
> Paul

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