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>>Weird as it may seem, I've actually learned quite a bit about >the
>>differences between the UC and AC shows because of the "Gundam >W Ain't No
>>Gundam" topic. It did seem to be a troll looking for flames, >but a lot
>>the conversation was reasonable discussion about the >differences between
>>series and why some enjoyed the UC continuity better than the >Wing/AC
>>continuity and vise versa.

>Well, I'd like to apologize, Z, for my part in the whole >shebang...But all
>this we-or-them attitude gets on my nerves at times. I mean, >just enjoy
>the thing, and then decide if you want to have a copy or kit or >what. I
>tried reasoning it out....but well, I guess i failed miserably >on that.
>Sorry Z.

As would I being one of the first to perly to the original message - in a
rather hostile fashion. But Richie does have a point you know. Instead of
arguing over gundam, let's just watch it then decide whether we like it or
Of course it doesn't help that people become quickly opinionated. Again

But I still think that a Gundam in 4wd racing colors would look ...

...Ahh never mind lest Richie stomp on me.

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