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> >Just doing some research. My pick is either Nu Gundam, FAZZ, or S Gundam.
> >From my understanding, F90, F91, and V Gundam (and may be Turn A?) onwards
> >in UC were down-sized.
> >
> >I am not familiar with the specs for Wing and Gundam X. So, not sure.
> >
> >Please help. Thanks.
> hmmm...what about the EX-S, or the large MkII or MkIV (I forgot which)?

This is where the distinction between head height and overall height makes
things confusing. The MSA-0011(Ext) Extraordinarily Superior (Ex-S) Gundam has
an overall height of 25.9 meters, but that includes projections from the
backpack -- it's head height is only 21.73 meters, slightly less than the Rx-93
Nu Gundam's 22 meters.

The RX-178 Gundam Mk.II has an overall height of 19.6 meters, but its head
height is only 18.5 -- about the same as the original RX-78 Gundam.

The MSF-007 Gundam Mk.III stands 19.5 meters with an overall height of 22

The RX-166 Gundam Mk.III "Eagley" stands 20.6 meters with an overall height of
31.4 meters.

The RX-272 Gundam Mk.III "Haphley" stands 22.3 meters with an overall height of
25.9 meters. This would eclipse the Nu Gundam if it had ever appeared anywhere
but Model Graphix Magazine.

There are no specifications for the ORX-012 Gundam Mk.IV, an SD Gundam
Generation Zero MS.

The ORX-013 G-V (also known as the Gundam Mk.V) stands 21.7 meters with an
overall height of 25.11 meters in the Model Graphix original and 22.8 meters
with an overall height of 25.42 meters in the Gundam Sentinel version.

Nu Gundam still stands the tallest in the anime canon.


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