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No, it is actually the exact opposite. Cured resin is extremely
inert. The problem with that is that if inhaled into your lungs, it
will just sit there never going away. The time that resin is really
dangerous, is when you cast it, because the fumes will harden into a
thin layer of resin, and I don't need to tell you the havoc that will
wreak if you inhale the fumes! As far as the dust from sanding goes,
it causes the same kind of lung damage that styrene dust or fine
metal shavings do. The real difference between resin and styrene kits
comes from the fact that you end up doing a lot more sanding with
resins and kicking up a lot more dust.

The point is that any time you are doing a heavy amount of sanding of
any substance, it is advisable to use a filter mask if you are
concerned about your future health.

BTW, as far as I know, there is no problem with licking clean resin.
My dog once ate a piece of resin, and was no worse for ware, though
it was odd to see a piece of dog stool with a 1:220 Gundam arm
sticking out of it. I would imagine that mold release compound might
not be good for you though.

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> >Nah <twitch> that is a total myth! <spasm> I h-h-h-h-have been
> >making <twitch> resin kits for years <cough> and have never
> ><twitch, hack, cough> noticed any ill effects.
> That's one heard from...next patient please!
> seriously, though, is the resin that reactive?

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