Paul Fields (
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 18:19:39 -0400

> This is a mailing list, we can say whatever we want. if you bothered to
> count the number and types of emails, you seemed to have a lot of time in
> your hands. Why don't you spend some time and read what other people have
> say?

> >Flames are characterized by their heat, but they seldom shed much light.

Thank you for proving his point...

and now for the infamous "Bozo Filter"

Rule Number 1 If I criticize the number of flames on a list, and instead of
people making more constructive on-topic posts... someone flames me for
it, he gets put on the filter...

And actually just because its a mailing list you can't say what you want...
This isn't the free speech mailing list, its the Gundam mailing list so talk
about Gundam... Not:


This doesn't begin to mention that everything you say in email is a piece
of public record, people don't like what you say, and they bug your ISP
and say you are mail bombing the mailing list with off-topic spam, and get
your account cancelled, so you can't really say what you want, you say
what you can get away with.

This isn't alt.anime "alt.anime ja nai" so please keep things on topic for
us Gundam fans, there are thousands of mailing lists you can subscribe
to for every other topic. Heck this isn't even alt.giant-robots I don't do
other Giant Robot series, like Robotech, or Eva, or stuff like that, they
aren't Gundam.

I like my realistic robots trashing Zakus, and that's about it...

There's 20 years of complex diversity in just this one series, I think
plenty to talk about... If I wanted on an Eva, or Model building mailing
list, I'd have joined one... same way with general anime announcements...


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