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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 15:01:02 -0700 (PDT)

I didn't want to jump back on the list like this but this is just too
much. You asked if anyone out there knows how to MAKE resin kits.
People gave you their time and gave you advise, but instead, you
responded with such attitude! This mailing list is an info exchange
for people who knows how to pleasantly ask a question, and if they then
realize they are not getting the answer they are looking for, they know
to politely rephrase the question. You don't deserve an answer and our
time with that attitude and most certainly owe the people that replied
to you an apology for wasting their time.

Note that this is not a flame, but a statment of facts.

--- wrote:
> Will everyone quite saying that resin kits are for the master
> builders I
> think if I can put together a perfect grade gundam in 2 days I can
> put a
> resin kit together and I know how to put a resin kit together I just
> want to
> know on how to make my own in my garage I have most of the stuff
> but not
> everything and I have been working on a few molds .
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Gus Jae

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