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Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:54:03 EDT

This is a mailing list, we can say whatever we want. if you bothered to
count the number and types of emails, you seemed to have a lot of time in
your hands. Why don't you spend some time and read what other people have to

>Flames are characterized by their heat, but they seldom shed much light.
>Of the remaining 49 items, seven had the Subject "If You Thought The
>Was Ugly" and nine more were the "?!?!?!!!!!" (I hope I spelled that right)
>spinoff thread. That's 16 out of 123 or 13% -- a little more than an ugly
>doll is worth, even if it was wrongly attributed.
>By way of contrast, there were only two intentional diversions ("More
>Gundam Fights") and only two posts that were clearly marked Off-Topic
>("Evangelion or Patlabor Kits" and "Someone Up There's Smilin' At Us Anime
>Fans"), although there were five "It's The Same With Escaflowne" and two "I
>Want! I Want!" (about Votoms' Scopedog) posts that weren't marked OT.
>That whittles it down to 23 posts (out of 123 -- about 20% or 1 in 5) that
>about par for this list, with the following Subjects:
>"Turn A" (5)
>"Does Anyone Know How To Make Models" (4)
>"Anyone Wanna Donate $450?" (3)
>"Are Garage Kit Better?" (3)
>"G-Savious Preview" (2)
>"Gundam Card Game" (2)
>"Dengeki Character Encyclopedia" (1)
>"Favorite Mechanical Designer" (1)
>"Gouf Flight Type Colours: The Chosen" (1)
>"Uh, Gundam Battle Assault" (1)
>So the flame war over UC versus AC Gundam outweighed the totality of
>Gundam-related posts -- and I'm being charitable here by including the
>model-making question as on topic -- by 3 to 1 (60% to 20%).
>I'd rather wonder if the list were down than be inundated in a sea of
>If I'm only going to see 20-odd posts a day that are even marginally
>I'd rather see just those 20 than have to wade through 120 -- or, as in
>case, simply toss 75 away unread -- just to get to something even remotely
>the effort of downloading.
>I can't be alone in this.
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