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>>Are they? by the classic definition of Newtype, I would say that Quatre
>and Trowa seem to have some abilities. The others seem to have enhanced
>physical abilities, like Heero and Wufei. I wouldn't put it past the
>doctors to enhance them in that way, but as for newtype ability? I think
>Quatre is the one that stands out with it.<
>You mean the whole empathy thing.

yep. It always struck me as a Wing version of Newtype Abilities -- his
space heart. Some people have taken it to mean that he is merely a very
sensitive young boy, but some people have claimed more. Personally, it all
seems inconclusive. What is amazing is the way Heero manages to survive all
the injuries he's done to himself. The man must have some sort of ability,
which I suspect is known as Anime Hero Healing Ability...LOL!

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